The Dos and Don'ts: Understanding the Right and Wrong Way to Give Beer as a Gift

June 13, 2019

Beer Gifts

Understanding the Right and Wrong Way to Give a Beer Gift

Beer is one of the most popular drinks across the country. In almost all of the fifty states, drinkers prefer a good beer over any other drink at the end of a long day. You very likely know a few beer enthusiasts in your life and may think of the bright idea to get them some form of beer on the next gift-giving occasion. 

But then you run into the problem: what kind of beer should you get them? Let's face it, the person you're thinking of buying beer for probably knows a lot more about beer than you do. And yet, you don't want to ruin the surprise of your gift by asking a lot of questions. 

So how do you give the perfect beer gift? It doesn't have to be impossible. Read on, and we'll walk you through what you need to know. 

Do Some Secret Intel 

There's a lot of different craft beer out there in the world. So before you can go about finding exactly what to get your loved one, you'll need to do a little research into their preferences. This will, unfortunately, require a little bit of acting on your part.

Next time you see this particular individual drinking beer (which is, assumedly, often) it's time to spring into action. Take a mental note of what type of beer they're drinking. What's the brand, the style, or the taste? Gather as much information you can from looking at the label and take note of this stuff for later.

Once you've gotten all you can from the label, probe your loved one with a few light questions. Try to keep things as conversational as possible. 'Is that the kind of beer you like?' can work fine if you can manage to be inconspicuous. Have a conversation and see if you can get them to mention what kinds of beers they like or don't like. Play dumb if you have to. 

The most important thing is you get a general sense of your loved one's beer preferences. This will be vital as you begin to look around and narrow what you're planning to purchase. 

Look For Advice Outside Or Online 

Once you've succeeded on your little spy mission, it's time to put this information to good use. Turn to the experts in your community. If you know other friends who love craft beer, you can talk to them. If you don't, you can peruse beer forums online or even stop into your local mom and pop beer store. 

No matter where you go, the important thing is that you connect with someone who can guide you in the right direction. Share with that person your loved one's beer preferences, whatever they were. Did they like hoppy beers? Dark ales? Chocolate-flavored varieties? 

Whatever the answer, your beer lover in residence should be able to recommend beers that fit that kind of preference type. They might even be able to recommend something that's just slightly to the left of your loved one's taste: something that they'll like but still might be entirely new to them. 

Most beer lovers enjoy the opportunity of trying something new. Craft beer lovers are thrilled by the act of discovery. If you can bring something new to them that they also enjoy, you'll be ready to be deemed gift giver of the year. 

Keep Things Fresh 

If you're buying beer as a gift, it's important to properly time out your order and arrival dates. Some beers age better than others, but a general rule of thumb is that a fresh brew is better to gift than an old one. 

Handing some beer over that's been sitting in your closet for a few weeks is a little bit of a gamble. Breweries make their beer ready to drink, so there's nothing you have to lose by handing it over right when you get it. 

Handing over musty or stale beer is a sure way to ruin the work and thoughtfulness you've put forward thus far. 

Combine It With Some Other Gifts

A great way to make your beer gift stand out is to combine your chosen bottles with a few beer-related accessories. There's a lot of different angles you can take here. 

You could buy merch from the brand itself for an expanded gift. For example, hats, t-shirts or pins will give something your loved one can hold onto long after the beer itself is gone. 

It can also be worth combining your beer gift with a few handy tools or accessories. Bottle openers, koozies, and coolers are all ideas that can help take your gift giving presentation to the next level. Creating a sort of package with your chosen beer as the centerpiece is the best possible way to make a stellar impression on your loved one. 

Beer is a very affordable gift. Even beer brands priced at higher rates are still generally a good buy compared to many other kinds of gifts. As such, don't be afraid to go big and get them a package they can really enjoy and remember. 

Giving A Beer Gift To The Brew Lover In Your Life

If there's a beer lover in your family, social circle, or workplace, buying the perfect gift for them can be a breeze. All you need to do to give the perfect beer gift is a little research into their preferences. The rest comes easy. 

Want to make an extra splash this year on someone's birthday? Check out our special birthday beer packages for a killer idea. 

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