If you are searching for the best beer gift baskets, we've got you covered! Our craft beer gift baskets are filled with high ranking microbrews from some of the most popular breweries in the United States.



Whether you are looking for gift baskets for men or women, get well soon gifts or happy birthday beer, GiveThemBeer.com is your source for premium beer gifts.  Gift baskets for men or women should be fun and exciting, not filled with raspberry mustard. A beer basket of top rated craft beers delivered to their home or office is the perfect gift for beer lovers. Choose from our pre-selected beer baskets or build your own. With over 150 craft beers available, you can create your own craft beer gift basket and personalize it by choosing the perfect beer selection for your recipient or yourself.

We also have put together some pretty amazing combinations of beer styles and flavors like our top selling IPA gift basket. Need the perfect housewarming gift basket? This will help them relax while unpacking and smile every time they reuse the beer bucket. Is someone laid up from an injury? There is nothing like a get well soon gift basket with craft beer to help with the pain management. Send beer as a gift if you want to make a memorable impression. Who knows, maybe they will share a few with you! Need a man bouquet or manly gifts? Our beer bouquet will do the trick! Nothing is more manly than a bucket of beer. Whether it is gift baskets for men or other beer gifts like our Business Casual Beer Briefcase, we have the perfect beer gift for everyone! Take your pick of beer bouquets from beer buckets, rustic wooden crates or even a nostalgic beer briefcase. Good people drink good beer, send the best beer gift baskets on the market today. We are the beer basket delivery specialists. Beer gift basket delivery has come a long way. Join the craft beer movement and send beer gifts that will keep them waiting for next years beer basket!

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Since the dawn of time, people have been giving gifts to each other. Giving gifts is a form expressing one’s love, respect, thanks, sympathy and/or affection to another. Beer gifts are a great way express your thoughts to someone. Gift baskets for men come in all shapes and sizes these days from fruit to candy, but we all know men truly enjoy the gift of beer. Beer gifts have come a long way and we pride ourselves on trying to provide the freshest and most diverse selection of premium craft beers available. We also take pride in preparing our beer gifts to ensure the presentation leaves a lasting impression. Gift baskets for men now are just more than gift baskets, we have rustic wooden crates, aluminum beer briefcases and even marine coolers with beer gifts inside. Our best seller is the classic polished metal beer bucket…just add ice and the beer gift is ready for the celebration.

We know the with the online world we live in today we don’t always get the chance to share a beer with an old friend or family member. So the next best thing is to send a beer gift with top rated craft beer right to their office or home.

Our beer baskets have been sent to some pretty cool places and people from CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to directors of movies from the main character actor. A beer basket can symbolize a gesture of thank you or convey your sincerest condolences, what really matter most is the message you convey when sending a beer basket. Sending one of our beer baskets will leave a lasting impression. We pride ourselves on making beer baskets that only contain American made supplies, you won’t find any made in China stickers on our products…unlike the competition.

Be sure to stay updated on our beer gift baskets as we have seasonal selections that come in and sellout quickly. Our newest additions include beer baskets straight from some of the most popular breweries in the country including the: Miller Lite Gift Basket, Coors Lite Gift Basket, Bud Light Gift Basket, Corona Gift Basket, Guinness Gift Basket, Yuengling Gift Basket plus several more! Depending on the time of year, we have seasonal releases including: Beers of Summer Beer Gift Basket, Oktoberfest Beer Gift Basket, and the best-selling Santa’s Private Reserve Beer Gift Basket.

Not all beer gifts are created equal. Our beer gifts are hand packaged with care to deliver a lasting impression. We provide the option to choose your beer gift contents, most beer gift companies have canned generic beers…we let you choose, pick top ranking selections we have in place or pick their favorites something they will like and not donate to the neighbor’s collection. You are sending a beer gift for a reason, remember good people send good beer.