Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, and More: The Best Times to Send a Beer Gift Basket

June 26, 2019

beer gift baskets

As one of our greatest Founding Fathers once said, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Beer is a wonderful thing, and it makes for a great gift. And for people who enjoy craft beer, getting a beer gift basket can be an amazing gift.

Beer gift baskets let you try a bunch of different beers without having to commit to a full six-pack of each. Oftentimes, they may also include beers that are difficult to get in your area, which makes them an even better gift. Read on to learn about some of the occasions where a beer gift basket might be a good present.


No one will ever turn down a birthday gift of beer; it’s a gift and a party all in one. Try putting together a basket of all their favorite beers or beers themed around their party. If you’re a homebrewer, you could also brew them a custom beer for their birthday.


Christmas is a time for laughter, cheer, time with family, and the most delicious drinks of the year. This includes a whole bevy of Christmas-themed beer flavors. Put together a basket with a variety of Christmas-flavored beers, including White Christmas, Mocha Stout, Mad Elf, and more.


If there’s a couple in your life who has an important anniversary coming up, a gift basket of beer may be the perfect gift. Try to find beers both people like, or get a mixed set if they each prefer different styles. You could also try to find beers that were popular in the year they got married.

Special Events

Just because it’s not a holiday doesn’t mean it’s not an occasion for gifts. Things like wedding showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and other miscellaneous special events are a great excuse to give someone beer. After all, wouldn’t you rather be drinking good beer than Coors Lite at your bachelorette party?

Boss/Employee Appreciation

Everyone likes being appreciated for their hard work, and one of the coolest ways you can do that is to get your boss or employee a gift basket of beer. Beer is the great equalizer, so this gift works either direction. If you have a large company, try getting employees in different locations beer that’s hard to get in their area, but which is plentiful in yours. 

New Job

On the subject of jobs, congratulating someone on a new job with beer is a winning move. Arrange for a night after their first day of work to get together, drink great beer, and talk about the new position. It’ll make their first day memorable, and they’ll appreciate the thought.


Moving into a new house is an exciting prospect, and in our opinion, the first thing in everyone’s fridge should be beer. If the person is moving to a new area, try to get them beers from local breweries there. This will help them connect with the area and learn about some of the local offerings.

New Baby

It may seem strange to be giving beer as a gift to someone who’s just had a new baby, but hang with us. If the new mom drinks beer, she won’t have had a beer in nine months, so her first beer should be good. Besides, if they enjoy those beers during the 3 a.m. feedings, we won’t say anything.

Teacher Appreciation

Teachers deal with some of the most ridiculous working conditions in our country today, and they deserve to be appreciated. Specifically, they deserve to kick back with a basket of something delicious. Even kindergarten teachers like to let their hair down from time to time, so why not surprise that teacher with a basket of good beer?

Important Milestone

There are tons of important milestones where beer can be a great gift. A promotion, the completion of a personal challenge, and other such milestones are great reasons to give gifts. A basket of beer can be a congratulations and a party all in one.


Giving beer as a high school graduation gift may not be the best idea (though we don’t know what your relationship is like). But for college graduation, beer can be an excellent choice. It celebrates their entry into the adult world in an appropriate (and delicious) way.

Hostess Gift

We’ve all been stuck in that situation where we’re trying to figure out what to bring as a hostess gift. Next time, don't show up with just another scented candle. Instead, put together a basket of the hosts’ favorite beers.

Just Because 

If we’re being honest, it’s almost never a bad time to give someone a beer gift basket. Good day, bad day, special occasion, average Tuesday; people appreciate a good drink. And giving someone a basket of beer because you were thinking about them will always bring a smile to their face.

Find Great Beer Gift Baskets

Beer gift baskets make great presents for almost any occasion. No matter whether you’re celebrating someone’s graduation from a PhD program, their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, or even the opening of their own brewery, beer is always appreciated. Look for a variety of their favorite sorts of beers, and try to find something they’ve never tried before. 

If you’d like to give the loved ones in your life beer, check out the rest of our site at Give Them Beer. As we like to say, good people give good beer, so be a good person today! Check out our beer gift basket options today.

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