Beer Gift Basket Ideas: How to Create the Perfect Arrangement

June 17, 2019

Gift Basket Ideas

Coming up with that perfect gift for someone can be hard since you want it to be unique and well-received. Gift baskets are thoughtful presents for almost anyone, but how do you know what to put in your arrangement?

If you're looking for gift basket ideas, a beer gift basket is one present any beer lover is sure to enjoy.

Did you know there are more than 7,000 breweries in America alone? That's a lot of beer lovers out there.

Surprise and impress that special someone with the gift of beer. Find out how to put together the perfect arrangement for a gift they won't soon forget.

Consider Your Reason for Making the Gift Basket

Are you creating a beer gift basket for an upcoming holiday, a birthday, or as a thank-you gift?

Here are a few ideas and reasons you might want to send a basket:

  • Birthdays
  • Thank you gifts
  • Gift for clients
  • Housewarming presents for new neighbors or friends
  • Father's Day
  • As a present for the holidays
  • Sympathy gifts
  • Corporate gift or present for a co-worker

While almost any occasion is a good reason to give someone a beer gift basket, keeping the purpose in mind makes it easy to create a theme. Picking a theme helps fuel your creativity. It should also help you put together a personal message to include in your basket.

Next, imagine the recipient of your gift basket.

What kind of person are they and what types of beers do they like? If you don't know them very well, such as a new co-worker or client, keep it simple and stick to popular brews.

Choose Your Basket

Now that you have the recipient and occasion in mind, you can choose the right basket.

Sure, you can choose your own basket but then you have to consider presentation and wrapping. So why not choose a custom-designed box and save yourself the hassle?

The first thing your recipient is going to see is the outside, so make the packaging count. Plus, they can even reuse the box afterward.

Birthday Baskets

Who doesn't love birthday beer?

Birthday gift boxes are custom designed with a birthday theme so you don't even have to wrap it. The message is right on the front, so you can ship it to them or bring it to the party.

Funny Baskets

Does the beer lover in your life have a sense of humor? There's no better way to make someone feel better than with a gift from the heart. Sometimes, packaging with a good pun or joke on the front is enough to make anyone's day brighter.

Sympathy Baskets

When someone falls on hard times, it can be hard to find the right words to say. Sometimes a sympathy card doesn't seem like the right gesture. Cracking open a cold one is a great way to relax, and this gift reminds them to take it easy even during difficult times.

A beer basket with a selection of quality craft beers is a thoughtful way to say that you're thinking about them. Sometimes, a simple but heartfelt message on the packaging is all they need to hear.

Create a Meaningful Message

Although the packaging tells your recipient what the gift is for, it's the personal message that makes it special. What you write depends on the occasion and whether you want to be funny or formal.

If you're not sure what to write on the message, keep it simple and write from the heart. 'Thank you for all your help' or 'Have a birthday beer from me' is plenty to let them know you put thought into their present.

If you want to write something special, mention a memory or inside joke that the two of you share. Song lyrics and funny puns also make great messages.

Don't worry about the message or overthink it too much. They'll appreciate the time and thought you put into their basket no matter what.

Pick Your Beer

Here comes the fun part of putting together a beer gift basket. Think about who the gift basket is for and pick the brands and types of beer they might enjoy.

But what if you don't know what the recipient likes? If you don't know them very well, you can't go wrong choosing some popular craft brews or best-selling beer brands.

Craft Beer vs Mass-Produced Beer

So how do you choose between craft beers or big-brand beer for your gift basket?

If you're sending a gift basket to a new client, a co-worker, or a new neighbor, you can't go wrong picking popular and featured craft beers. They'll appreciate the variety and maybe discover a new favorite brand or two.

If you're buying for a husband, a father, or a close friend, you probably know what they love already. If they have favorites, you can pick and choose those brands for a more personalized gift.

You can also put together a brand-name basket with one type of beer. It's more meaningful than a 12-pack.

Add to Your Beer Basket with Goodies

If you're shipping a beer gift basket to the recipient instead of giving it to them in person, you can skip this step. But adding snacks and other items to your basket makes it extra special.

Adding coasters, bottle openers, or can coolers in with your beer basket makes a more personalized gift. And don't forget to toss in a few salty snacks for them to enjoy with their cold beer.

If you're looking for something other than pretzels and peanuts, why not make something special and think outside the box? This method works well if you're bringing the gift in person.

Use These Gift Basket Ideas to Make the Perfect Arrangement

These creative gift basket ideas for men should help you make the perfect beer gift basket for that beer lover in your life.

With these gift basket ideas, you know how to make your own customized beer gift basket. A beer basket makes a unique and thoughtful gift for any occasion.

Customized gift baskets make it easy to send the gift of beer to anyone. Skip the hassle of figuring out how to wrap and send it yourself. Shop our wide array of beer gift baskets that feature both craft beers and brand-name selections.

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