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With so many craft beer styles and breweries to choose from, it is easy to become overwhelmed with such a huge selection. To help make the decision a little easier, we have created a summary of the microbrews in each of our gift baskets. If you would like to design your own bucket full of beer and gourmet snacks, you can always Create Your Own Beer Gift Basket to build a true one-of-a-kind gift.

Agave Wheat Ale by Breckenridge – An unfiltered wheat ale with the nectar of Agave. Very unique yet easy to drink.

All Day IPA by Founders -

This is another high-flavor profile Beer, in the wave of sessionable Beers that are coming out now. This Brew comes in at a re-do-able 4.7% ABV. Hence the name; “All Day IPA”! This Beer pours a cloudy amber in the glass, as it builds a medium frothy-white head! This “light” IPA sure does pack a punch in the aroma and flavor department! The aromas are catty, grassy, piney and citrus-rind hoppiness! The flavor has lingering back-tongue bitterness from that hoppy mix that rebuilds with every sip! Definitely for the “Hop-Head” in your life! Cheers!

American Amber Ale by Rogue - This 5 Star American Ale pours a Murky Copper color with a medium off-white Head. Experience the aromas of Caramel & Toffee from the medium roasted Malts, balanced out with just enough Hops for a slight Citrus note. This full bodied Ale can be enjoyed by Lager lovers and Hop lovers alike! This Ale comes in at 5.6 ABV to smooth every sip even more! Cheers to Beers!

Big Wave Golden Ale by Kona Brewing Company - This sessionable 4.4% ABV American Blonde Ale pours a cloudy amber in the glass, leaving a thin white head. As you smell the aromas of this beer, you’ll see it stays true to its Hawaiian homeland, as it has a slightly sweet pineapple scent mixed with a malty balance. This Brew is perfect on a “hot summer day”! The body and flavor of this Beer are very close to a light Lager, but because it’s an Ale, it’s a little crisper on the finish, making it a very refreshing Beer! Aloha and Cheers!

Blithering Idiot by Wyerbacher  - 

This is a Barley Wine style of Brew which means it’s great for cellaring, for all you Beer collectors out there! The ABV is usually high in these types of Brews and this one doesn’t disappoint, coming in at a beautiful 11.1%. The Beer pours a nice murky copper in the glass and swirls into a nice medium creamy tan head. This has a very nice bouquet of aromas such as raisons and figs, Molasses and caramel and even a hint of citrus. The Malty sweetness is prevalent all through this big Brew! Each silky sip has the alcohol warmth, but not the bite that can sometimes come with these large Beers! It’s a very well rounded Barley Wine. Cheers to Beers!

Blue Fin Stout by Shipyard Brewing Company-

This Irish Stout is very nice, as well as sessional. It comes in at a comfortable “I’ll have another” 4.7% ABV!

The Brew pours a solid black into the glass, as it builds a huge creamy tan head. You’ll get those nice Stout aromas of dark chocolate, molasses and coffee. This Beer is full bodied and finishes dry, with all the roasted Malt flavors you look for in a Stout! Enjoy!

Boston Lager by Samuel Adams -

This is the one that started it all for Boston Beer Company’s worldwide success! It pours a billowy, thick white head that gives off beautiful aromas of sweet, roasted Malts, with a slight citrus tang from the Hops! This full bodied medium Hopped Vienna Lager has a great crisp flavor that is perfectly balanced to wake up your palate with each sip! The Malt gives this Brew a smooth “mouth feel”, while the Hops give your taste buds something to remember, with each sip! This is a great Lager that pairs easily with many foods! This “session-able” Brew comes in at a very friendly 4.9 ABV!

Censored Ale by Lagunitas -

This highly rated full-bodied Brew is a beautiful mix between an Amber Ale and a rich Red Ale! It pours a murky copper color that blooms a nice creamy, off-white head. The aromas are of sweet malt, caramel and even a hint of mandarin orange! Each sip surrounds your taste buds with a mellow blend of flavors such as citrus and dark fruit; a slight hoppiness that is balanced nicely with the sweet malt flavors of caramel and toffee. This Beer is deceivingly smooth at 6.7 ABV. Another very nice Brew by Lagunitas!

Dead Guy Ale by Rogue

This mixed style Brew combines a German Maibock and a Helles Bock for a very nice Beer! This Brew pours a nice copper color in the glass and builds a thick off white head. The aromas are floral Hops, citrus rind and a slight Malt sweetness. This Brew has a slight Hop punch in the flavor, brought forward by the carbonation of the Brew. The body is full with a medium flavor blend of malt, toffee and slight notes of herbs and spices to round out each sip. This Beer comes in at 6.5%ABV for your enjoyment!

Dirty Bastard Ale by Founders - This highly rated delicious Scotch Ale from Founder’s Brewing is a flavor bomb!! This big Brew clocks in at a proud 8.5% ABV. Like any dark Beer with an 8% ABV (Alcohol By Volume) or higher, it means that you can store this Beer in a dark place for a special occasion or holiday, to get an even more luscious flavor experience! These types of Brews are a lot like fine wines in the sense that you can enjoy them “young”, right away, or age them, for a more mature blended, balanced flavor! This jewel pours a dark, murky ruby red in the glass as it leaves a thin tan head. The huge malt aromas you get are molasses, toffee and caramel! YUM!! The flavors are amazing with every sip, as you get a slight warmth from the alcohol, which adds depth to the blended notes of dark fruit, spices, herbs, toffee and overall roasted malt goodness of this full-bodied Brew! Can you tell this is a favorite?? Cheers!

Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale by Flying Dog -

This American Pale Ale or APA poured a cloudy amber in the glass, as it built a medium creamy white head. The aromas are a nice sweet Maltiness, with a slight grapefruit citrus aroma. Being a pale Ale, it has a little more bitterness on the back of your tongue, than a standard Ale. This is a very nice light bodied Brew! Very refreshing! Cheers!

Extra Pale Ale by Flying Fish - This English Pale Ale has a blend of malts balanced with Pacific Northwest Hops offering a sophisticated aroma and flavor.

Fade to Black by Left Hand Brewing Company

This is vol. 5 in the “Fade to Black” series by Left Hand Brewing Co. This one is their Black Rye Ale and it is Fantastic! This Brew pours a deep reddish brown, almost black color in the glass, as it builds a thin creamy tan head. The aromas from this Beer are molasses, coffee and hints of chocolate! The rye is very subtle at first sip and then peaks through with carbonation at the back of the pallet, as the Beer warms a little,. The creamy mouth feel is very nice and compliments all the flavors beautifully in this latest Brewing creation. This Brew slides in safe at a nice 7.8% ABV. Be careful it doesn’t steal second! Cheers!

Fall Hornin’ Pumpkin’ Ale by Anderson Valley -

This pumpkin Ale is another tasty fall offering in our bountiful Beer harvest! This one pours a nice clear ruby red color in the glass, as it leaves a medium off-white head! The aromas are pumpkin, clove and cinnamon. It also has a nice floral hoppiness as well, which is a nice mix! The flavors are a well-balanced dance between hoppy bitter and dark fruit sweetness! These are mixed with the fall spices and herbs, creating a delicious, slightly bitter-sweet flavor with a surprising roasted malt finish on the back of your tongue! Nice and different! Cheers!

Guiness Draught

Ahhh! Guinness, My Guinness! At 4.2% ABV, this is one of the original Irish Stouts that can be called the guideline to sessionable dry Stouts! This Beer pours jet black into the glass, as it builds a thin to medium thick creamy tan head. On the nose, you will get subtle notes of coffee and hints of bitter dark chocolate. These aromas come from the roasted malts and barley used in this smooth Brew. If you like excellent dry Stouts, get the original!               Pour yourself a Guinness!

Happy Ending by Sweetwater Brewing Company - This Imperial Stout is a seasonal release. It has the right amount of hops with an explosive finish.

Hop Ottin’ IPA by Anderson Valley

This well balanced IPA from Anderson Valley is excellent! This Brew pours a beautiful cloudy copper into the glass as it builds a medium billowy- thick, creamy white head! The aromas are malty molasses notes that are balanced with piney citrus scents! This “dance in the nose” leads to a “party in the mouth”, as the flavors of malty sweetness swirl with the medium citrusy bitterness of the hops, creating a very well- balanced, full-bodied Brew! The 7% ABV brings the silky warmth in every sip! Sip, after sip, after sip!! Cheers to Beers!

Indian Brown Ale by Dogfish Head -

This Brown Ale got 5 stars in my book! This very tasty Brew is actually a hybrid cross between a Scotch Ale, an IPA and an American Brown. It pours a deep ruby-red, almost brown into the glass, as it develops a beautiful full, thick and creamy tan head! Your nose will love the aromas of roasted Malts, chocolate, caramel, rich toffee and a slight Hoppiness! The 7.2%ABV of this Beer is almost masked by the silky mouth-feel and delicious flavor in each sip! Your taste buds will swim in the flavors of dark fruit, toffee, hints of spices and herbs. All blending together to create the full bodied roasted Malt flavor that is this excellent Brew!

IPA by Lagunitas - 

This is another excellent Brew from Lagunitas! This IPA pours a clear amber-gold in the glass creating a nice medium creamy-white head! The aromas are the standard IPA bouquet of citrus fruits, such as grapefruit and pineapple that are balanced with a nice malty sweetness! The flavor is definitely an IPA, as it is full-bodied, with that hoppy, citrus character that an IPA lover wants in their Brew! It’s not over-powering, but just right! This Brew comes in at 6.2% ABV, to back up that floral experience! Cheers!

Islander IPA by Coronado Brewing Company - This IPA pours a murky amber in the glass, as it builds a medium, creamy white head! As you swirl the Beer in the glass and take in the aromas, you’ll get a sweet malty caramel aroma, that’s brightened with a slight scent of citrus-rind! This Beer has a very nice full-bodied flavor that comes from the 7% ABV. Anyone who likes a Pale Ale will want to experience this Brew! Cheers!

Jai-Alai IPA by Cigar City

This award winning, highly rated Brew is one of Cigar City Brewing’s cornerstone Beers! This beautiful IPA pours a nice copper color in the glass, as it builds a nice big creamy white head! The aromas are awesome, as you get big floral citrus with tropical fruit notes, such as mango, pineapple, grapefruit and tangerine! The flavor is balanced perfectly with the malt’s slight caramel sweetness to round-out all the bright fruit to create a perfect IPA experience! This Beer comes in at 7.5% ABV. Cheers!

Key West Sunset Ale by Florida Beer Company - An Amber Ale with tropical flavor. Pale and caramel malts blended with hops create a crisp and refreshing taste.

Kona Longboard Island Lager -

This Hawai’ian Lager has a very smooth taste. It pours a clear light amber in the glass, creating a medium-thick white head. You get the aroma of the malts and a slight hint of hops. The body is light with a crisp taste! Perfect for a hot day! Cheers!

Landshark Lager by Margaritaville Brewing Company - This light-bodied Lager pours a clear amber into the glass, as it builds a medium creamy white head. The aromas are of lemon grass, malt cereal and a slight scent of hay! The slightly lemony flavor profile, light body and 4.7% ABV of this Brew, makes this a very favorable Beer on a hot summer day on the Island or just relaxing with a few after mowing the lawn! Cheers!

Laughing Skull by Red Brick Brewing -
This interesting American Red Ale pours a murky gold into the glass, leaving only a thin off-white head. The aromas are of sweet malt, leather, tobacco and earthiness! Its flavor is very reminiscent of an Old English Ale, as the dark fruit, herb and spice notes override the hoppy citrus notes! The malt background makes this a full-bodied, semi-dry Brew! Delicious! Cheers!

Liberty Ale by Anchor -

This little gem of an Ale was the first to start the Craft Beer revolution! Brewed since 1975, by Anchor Brewing’s founder, Fritz Maytag. This Beer pours a clear golden color in the glass as it builds a nice frothy medium white head. The aromas are of floral citrus fruit such as grapefruit and orange! This is followed by sweet malts that balance out the bouquet. This Brew is an Ale that wants to be a subtle IPA! This was the early flavor blueprint for the West Coast IPA style! Very nice! Get some! Cheers!

Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale by Lagunitas – An American Pale Wheat Ale with piney, citrus hops and background malts. This ale has a hoppy IPA character with a smooth finish.

Lucky U IPA by Breckenridge Brewery– A medium bodied combination of Pale and Munich malts, balanced with hops throughout.

Mama's Little Yella Pils by Oskar Blues Brewery – A Pilsner brewed with half corn flakes, half barley and a variety of hops combined to make a big citrus bite.

Mercy Hangover Prevention - A blend of amino acids, herbs, vitamins and minerals designed to stop a hangover before it starts.
Mojo IPA by Boulder Brewing Company - An Indian Pale Ale with a citrus pine flavor and the right blend of malts and hops. An overall citrus flavor with a dry finish.

Panic Attack by Holy Mackerel - A Belgian Strong Ale that has caramel malt and dark fruit flavors topped up with a citrus hops character.

Peak Organic IPA – Grassy aromas with sweet malt, caramel and pine on the nose. Nugget hops combined with pine, grass, hints of mint and caramel flavors provide a smooth finish.

Pumpkin’ UFO by Harpoon Brewing -

This unfiltered 5.9% ABV pumpkin Ale is very tasty! It pours a beautiful cloudy orange color in the glass as it leaves a thin, quickly dissipating head. The aromas are very nice, as you get pumpkin and sweet malt right away, as they mix with caramel, cinnamon and brown sugar! As you take your first sip, you get flavors of dark fruit, spice, herbs, a little floral citrus and toffee as well! These all come together to give you a very well balanced full-bodied pumpkin Brew! Very nice! Cheers!

Punkin’ by Uinta -

This 5% ABV “sessional seasonal”, pumpkin Ale pours a cloudy copper color into the glass, as it builds a medium creamy-white head! The aromas are pumpkin, clove and cinnamon with a slight hoppy note at the end. The flavors are well balanced between the dark fruit, spice and herbs! The Brew is slightly more bitter on the tongue, but not bad! Nice! Cheers!

Racer 5 by Bear Republic -

Here’s another 5 star Brew from Bear Republic. This excellent IPA pours a clear amber into the glass.

It creates a nice medium head that leaves good lacing. The aromas are of fresh floral Hops that are balanced out with a nice sweet Maltiness. You’ll get slight alcohol warmth on the pallet, as this Brew clocks in at a respectable 7%ABV. IPA lovers will love this Brew, as each sip gives the floral citrus flavors of fresh Hops. The sweet Malts give a nice backbone of balance to round out the flavor experience! This full bodied Brew has character that lingers until the next delicious sip! This is a great Beer! Cheers!

Sculpin IPA by Ballast Point - An American IPA with apricot, peach, mango and lemon aromas with strong hop character.

Skull Splitter by Orkney Brewery -

This Brew rates high with Beer Advocate for its smooth flavor! This is a true Scotch Ale, as it is Brewed in Scotland! It pours a nice reddish, copper hue and develops a thin off-white creamy head. Take a second to swirl the glass and enjoy the aromas of molasses and dark fruit, such as plums, raisons and figs. With each sip you will discover the delicious mellow flavors of dark fruits, spices and toffee as they come together for a medium sweet, full bodied Brew! This Beer has a warming 8.5 ABV. Enjoy!

Swamp Ape DIPA by Florida Beer Company - Brewed in Melbourne. This Double IPA has a combination of orange peel, pineapple and other citrus notes combined with sweet caramel notes for an overall refreshing, fruity flavor.

Sweaty Betty Blond by Boulder Brewing Company - A light-bodied American Pale Ale. The banana notes with citrus fruit accents make for an enjoyable, easy to drink beer.

Titan IPA by Great Divide - An IPA with aggressive hops and robust flavor. A favorite by IPA lovers everywhere.

Tramp Stamp by Clown Shoes - "Like a stamp on a tramp, this beer is about not so subtle seduction" (Brewers Description). A Belgian IPA with complex malts, sweet orange peel and the perfect combination of hops.

Two Hearted Ale by Bell's -
This excellent Ale pours a nice murky amber into the glass, as it creates a medium creamy-white head. It’s got delicate hoppy aromas of citrus, orange peel and light lemon. You can also smell the mellow sweetness of malt. As you take your first sip, you get a very nice floral citrus flavor that’s balanced nicely with the sweetness of the malt’s toffee-like character. This creates a perfect blend of sweet and bitter that combined with its 7% ABV gives you a full-bodied, lingering flavor to be enjoyed sip after sip! Cheers!

Virgin Islands Tropical Mango Pale Ale by St. John Brewers – A light ale with a subtle fruit nose and mild hop finish. This Pale Ale captures the taste and feeling of the Caribbean.

Yuengling Traditional Lager -

This is a good American Pale Lager from the oldest Brewery in America! The Brew pours a clear amber in the glass, as it builds a nice medium frothy white head! The aromas are of medium roasted caramel malts and cereal. It’s also Brewed with 2 different hops to balance out the malt sweetness, for a nice crisp flavor, sip after sip! This is a very sessionable Beer, as it comes in at 4.4% ABV. Enjoy!

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