Thank You Gift for Friends: When and What to Send to Show Your Gratitude

March 23, 2020

Thank You Gifts for Friends

Thank You Gift for Friends: When and What to Send

Good friends are hard to come by, so we must value the ones that stick with us through life's ups and downs. It is easy to take close friends for granted, and the favors they do for us often go unrecognized. 

Make it a habit always to show your gratitude to your friends, either verbally or with gifts. Read on for more information on when you should send a thank you gift for friends and some great ideas on the gifts you can send. 

When They Help You with Your Event

Friends are often the ones we rely on to help us host successful events such as weddings, baby showers, and even funerals. If your friend played a major role in ensuring the success of an event that you were hosting, then it is essential to express your gratitude towards them with a gift.

If They Save You From Disaster 

It is also appropriate to give your friend a gift if they rescued you from an emergency or a disastrous situation. For example, if a friend prevented you from getting scammed or if they helped you and your partner reconcile after a significant disagreement.

When They Get You Through a Tough Time 

We all have lousy life experiences such as being ill, being financially broke, and jobless. We even go through periods of grief or depression. When our friends support us through these difficult times and help us regain our joy, it is a great idea to send thank you gifts for friends.

If You Have Been Their Houseguest

Hosting guests in your home for a few days or more requires a lot of grace and effort. If you have been a houseguest at your friends' house and they took great care of you, then giving them a thank you gift is a must.

Just Because They Are a Great Friend

Sometimes you can send a good friend a thank you gift to show you appreciate them for being a great friend to you. They will be happily surprised by your gift and will know that you appreciate having them in your life.

The Best Thank You Gift for Friends

Once you have established that you need to send a thank you gift for friends, the next question you may have is what type of gift you should send. Below are eight great ideas for gifts you can send to your friends.

Beer Gift Baskets

Although many men don't come across as sentimental, they do like to be appreciated for the good things that they do. One gift that will go down well with men that drink beer is a thank you beer basket

You can find some great gift baskets comprised of a range of the best craft beers or a choice of whatever beer brand you prefer to gift. These unique gifts are filled with complimentary snacks like beer nuts, pretzels, pistachios, or crunchy snack mix. You can also add bottle openers, beer mugs, and coasters.

Thank You Mugs

Mugs are an inexpensive gift, but they are usually treasured by those that receive them. Many people enjoy drinking their tea, coffee, or beer in their favorite mug, which often has sentimental value.

There are many different options for mugs. For example, you could purchase a personalized one with the recipient's name or monogram. Alternatively, you can gift your friend one that has an appropriate 'thank you' message on it.

Scented Candles

Candles can make a great thank you gift for friends, especially women, that enjoy aromatherapy items. You can order them online and choose the scent you prefer as well as adding a personal message that states what you are thanking your friend for.

You can also buy a candle with a standard message. Whenever your friend burns the candle, they will remember you. People that visit their home may also read the message on the candle and see what an awesome person your friend is.

Gift Cards

If you aren't sure about what your friend desires, a great idea is to send them a gift card with a thank you card. Purchase it from a store that you know your friend loves and which has a wide variety of items for sale. The amount you charge on the gift card should be enough to cover a gift that you consider awesome.  

Advent Calendars

Advent calendars are fun little gifts that can make anyone smile daily. They're not the typical calendar at all. These calendars are gift boxes with "doors" that you open every day to reveal a new item.

There are many different themes, such as Christmas calendars, makeup calendars, and even beer calendars. Giving one of these gifts is actually like giving multiple gifts to your friends.

Personalized Throw Blanket

Everyone loves a soft and warm blanket that you can drape over yourself while watching TV or decorate your bed with. Blankets are also great for keeping yourself warm on long flights or road trips.

Buy your friend a throw in their favorite color with their name, initials, or a thank you message embroidered on it.

Bottle of Wine

If your friend loves wine, then you can't go wrong with a good bottle of wine and a thank you card. You can personalize your gift by getting customized wine labels. Write a simple thank you or a more elaborate message stating why you are grateful to your friend. 

Taken into consideration the type of wines they prefer and find collectibles if they're wine connoisseurs

Flowers & Plants

Flowers are a lovely gift that can be used to express gratitude. Unfortunately, they have a short life span. A great alternative is to buy a live plant for your friend that she can tend to and grow. Whenever they look at the plant, they will remember you and your friendship.

Surprise Your Friends With Gifts They'll Enjoy

There are plenty of times when to give thank you gifts for friends. Sometimes the best time is anytime for someone you truly care about. Find the best gifts to show your appreciation.

For more gift ideas that'll make your loved ones smile, check out our thank you gift basket selection.

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