10 Ways Beer Changed Your Life -- A Gift from Beer to You

July 17, 2014

Beer can be associated with all kinds of experiences in life.  Some good, some bad and some just over-the-top hilarious moments. I have had my share of all of these moments…from blurred college days, through a bumpy divorce, to finding happiness and peace of mind.


1. It made you loosen you collar, stick out your chest and smile like its Christmas morning at the local watering hole. It gave you the courage to buy him or her drink on your parent’s co-signed credit card and leave a heavy tip.
2. It made you do kegs stands, funnel beers and even sneak a few cold ones out of your parent’s fridge.
3. It gave you the opportunity to make out with someone way out of your league and maybe a little more….Thank you beer.
4. It helped you forgive your drinking buddies for the passed out sharpie mustaches, Cheetos up the nose, and hand in the hot water shenanigans.
5. It opened your mind to enjoy the ones you’re with, the people that really care about you.
6. It made you buy the overly expensive and non-returnable Birthday or Christmas gift that is still in the garage collecting dust….damn you beer.
7. It heals wounds that don’t bleed, that dig deep and that seem to never go away. Beer softens the pain to say the least…..friends, family and time do the rest.
8. It makes you smarter…So smart that you seemingly lose your keys on purpose just to catch a safe cab ride to your destination.
9. It allows you the humanity to help people that no one else will…It makes you human.
10. At the end of the day, when life has pushed you to the limit, it smiles at you and says nice work little buddy, hang in there. The weekend is right around the corner and we are going to live it up!

Can you relate? Comment below, then… Enjoy Beer, Enjoy Life.

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