9 Best Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers In Your Life

April 07, 2020

gift ideas for beer lovers

Your best friend’s birthday is coming up soon. You want to get them something special but what? Well, they’ve always been pretty enthusiastic about beer.

From the bubbles to the rich taste, they love their favorite brews. So, getting them something beer centered may do the trick.

Now comes the task of coming up with gift ideas for beer lovers. You can get them a functional gift that will allow them to carry their drinks with them or something more temporary like beer coffee. 

It can be hard to choose. Good thing you have us to push you in the right direction. Check out this list of amazing gift ideas for your favorite beer enthusiast.

1. Beer Gift Basket 

Nothing will delight your beer-loving friend more than getting a gift basket composed of their favorite brews. Gift baskets suit almost any gift-giving occasion. Companies that specialize in gift baskets will work with you through the entire process to make sure the basket comes out the way you want. 

If you're panicking because you waited until the last minute to get a gift, take a moment to breathe. Most gift basket companies offer fast delivery services so you don't have to worry about your beer basket getting to its recipient late. 

2. Beer Advent Calendar 

If you're unfamiliar with what an advent calendar is, it's a special calendar that's used to count down the last few Sundays before Christmas. What better way for your loved one to count off the days and ring in the holiday than with a new beer each day? 

The calendar comes with 12 unique high-quality beers all wrapped up in a fun holiday-themed box. 

3. Beer Caddy 

Does your beer lover like to go out on camping and fishing trips? If so, then they most likely always bring a few beers along with them. The thing is, carrying around a huge cooler full of drinks can be a little inconvenient. 

That's why there's the beer caddy. It's a stylish bag with a removable separator that will keep bottles safe and secure. It even has a handy bottle opener attached to the bag so they don't have to worry about forgetting theirs. 

4. Personalized Bottle Opener 

Speaking of bottle openers, they can get any old opener from the dollar store but having a personalized one is something that's truly special. Spring for one that hangs on the wall so they don't have to worry about rummaging through a drawer to find an opener. 

You can get one in dark and light wood that's sure to match all their other decor. Some models even have a handy magnet built in to stop the caps from dropping to the floor. 

5. Hopped Up Coffee

You've reached a dilemma. Your friend loves beer but they're also pretty enthusiastic about their coffee. You can fix this little problem by picking them up a bag of Hopped Up Coffee.  

It's a unique blend of coffee that uses beer ingredients such as barley and hops. There's even a Black IPA flavor to give your friend a perfect cross between two of their favorite beverages. Give them the best of both worlds. 

6. Shower Beer Holder 

This one is a little silly but still practical if your friend tends to blend their shower time and beer time together. It's a cup holder that sticks to the wall of their shower so they no longer have to choose between washing their hair and sipping their beer. 

It holds any standard can or cup so it will work for pretty much all their favorite drinks. Not only beer. 

7. Patio Table with Beer Cooler 

Does your friend tend to cook out a lot and throw fun summer parties? This is another situation where they can invest in a bunch of coolers to hold the beer but that will crowd up a porch that's probably already full of guests walking around. 

You can help your friend do away with the clutter by gifting them with a patio table with a beer cooler built right in. It holds a little over 7 gallons of ice so rest assured, it will keep their drinks cold. 

When it's time for food to be served, they can use the table portion to serve their guests. It's the ultimate in outdoor entertainment.   

8. Beer Pantry & Capper  

If your friend loves to cook there's no better gift then this beer cookbook. It's full of recipes that will pair well with your friend's favorite beers. 

It even includes recipes that are cooked with beer. As an added bonus, the book has a capper that they can use to both open and reseal their bottles. 

9. Chillsner

It's easy to open a bottle of anything and forget about it until it gets warm. Some beers don't taste that great hot but there is a way to salvage it. 

The Chillsner is a rod that easily fits into any beer bottle to cool it back off. All your beer enthusiast will have to do is leave it in the freezer to get cold until they're ready to use it. 

Amazing Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers 

Are you wracking your mind trying to think of amazing gift ideas for beer lovers? Try out the options on this list.

An advent calendar will allow them to try out new beers, a caddy will let them carry their drinks around, and the Beer Pantry & Capper will open them up to fun, beer-related recipes. There's something for every kind of beer enthusiast. 

Need to send your friend a fun and unique birthday gift? We have you covered with these happy birthday beer gift baskets! Go here to browse through our selection

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