The Weyerbacher Way!

March 03, 2016

We have added new beers in every category this year, but here we're focusing on some unique, fresh whiskey barrel aged beers. Spring time is upon us and there are always a few cold evenings that bring the decision of having an ice cold beer, or a nice glass of whiskey to warm up. Here at givethembeer we hope to make that choice a little easier by introducing these to our lineup. Weyerbacher TINY, is a Belgian style imperial stout, made of barley wine aged in oak bourbon barrels, giving hints of vanilla, malt, and bourbon to name a few. With a warm and fruity finish is the Blithering Idiot barley wine ale, also aged in oak bourbon barrels.  Last but not least, when you've had a long day, don't go insane, have an INSANITY. This beer takes an English barley wine and ages it in bourbon casks for the perfect hint of malts and whiskey! Remember the whiskey lover's beers when ordering your next craft beer gift!

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