Is Guinness Good for Your Gut?

April 15, 2014

Can a full-bodied beer like Guinness actually keep you relatively lean in the mid-section?
Guinness has been getting thrown under the bus as long as I have been drinking beer. You hear it every time you go to the local pub and order a cold pint of heaven; “I don’t see how you can drink more than one of those…”, “They are just way too heavy...” But for whatever reason I, could drink just as many as a light lager and had no signs of bulking up my gut. Come to find out when I actually did some research Guinness has the second lowest carbs and the lowest alcohol content (Shhhh…don’t want to lose my pub cred) and fewer calories when compared to the most popular non-light beers on the market. So while it won’t necessarily give you a rock hard six pack, you can enjoy a six pack with a truly full-bodied taste and not become porky pig.


  Alcohol % Calories Carbs
Budweiser 5 143 10.6
Coors 5 148 11.3
Guinness 4 125 10
Miller Genuine Draft 4.7 143 13.1
Pabst Blue Ribbon 5 153 12
Sam Adams 4.8 160 18
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 5.6 200 12.3
Yuengling 4.4 135 12

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