Picking Beer for the Basket: What's the Difference Between Craft Brewed Beer and Other Beer?

June 15, 2019

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What's the Difference Between Craft Brewed Beer and Other Beer?

Ever wanted a beer that doesn't taste like a commercialized drink? Ever wanted to enjoy the benefits of real, custom craft-brewed beer?

But what sets craft beer apart? How is it any different?

We've got the answers you seek. Read on below to discover more:

Craft-Brewed vs. Industrial: What’s the Difference?

All beers share some basic ingredients, but craft-brewed beer and industrial beer have huge differences. To summarize, a lot of people believe that craft beer is the result of a brewer master’s whim. Meanwhile, manufacturers make conventional beer to maximize their incomes.

Here are some of the differences you’ll notice:

1. Appearance

Industrial beers often have this pale, watery yellow appearance. In most cases, the head of the beer doesn’t last long when you pour it into a glass. On the other hand, craft beer can come in different colors, all based on the ingredients used to brew it.

Craft beer has a rigorous selection process when it comes to its raw materials. It’s handmade with care, meaning that it goes through a lot before becoming part of the standard brewing process. That gives it a crisp look and a long-lasting taste.

2. Taste

Normal, industrial beers often have a form of monotony in its flavor. With that, it’s a necessity that they’re served as cold as possible. That way, they’ll have a decent taste—tolerable enough for you to finish the bottle.

Craft beers make it a point to focus on a certain flavor palate. These will vary depending on the batch they prepare. To make you notice the flavors better, this type of beer gets served between 50F and 55F.

3. Production

Industrial beer often uses cheaper ingredients to lower the final product’s price tag. For example, a lot of popular beer brands use rice or corn instead of traditional hops. All of this corner-cutting to ensure that the manufacturers don’t spend a lot of money on the production process.

As stated before, craft beer has specific, hand-picked ingredients. It’s only made in smaller batches by brewery masters that love and adore beer as art. They make their craft beers in “microbreweries”, which are small locations defined by their fair machinery.

4. Fermentation

When preparing beers, fermentation is one of the most important parts of the process. Once it’s finished, the beer will run of carbon dioxide. The difference between the two beer types is that craft beers undergo a second fermentation process.

That way, the beer gets a natural gas synthesized by the yeast itself. It’s taken by the beer much better compared to the carbon dioxide artificially injected into their industrial counterparts.

Why Craft Beer is Better

With a better understanding of how the two beers are different from each other, you can now see the merits of craft beer. After all, the sales of the beer now account for about 24% of the $114-billion beer market of the United States. That equates to about $27.58 billion in craft beer sales.

Here are some of the reasons why craft beer is better than industrial beer:

1. Better Taste and Variety

Studies state a maximum of two beers per day counts as moderate drinking. If that's the limit, why not go for a beer that tastes better?

As mentioned above, brewers make craft beer with specific flavors as their foundation. That’s why it’s almost impossible to find two craft beers with the same exact flavors.

The variety of flavors this type of beer offers is one of its major selling points.

Also, it’s important to take note that craft beers can also vary depending on the season. For example, everyone’s favorite pumpkin ale might even become more special due to its limited nature. With seasonal beer, each glass becomes more memorable.

2. Better Accessories

One of the best beer containers in the market is a vacuum growler. The average industrial beer gets wasted if you’re using a vacuum growler. That’s why it’s best to opt for a craft beer if you’re using this container.

With this beer accessory, you can keep your craft beer fresh without sacrificing its taste.

3. More Innovation

Corporate brewing companies will not bring anything surprising to your table. They will always stick to their beers since it’s proven successful over the past years. All they care about is attracting as many buyers as they can.

Craft breweries are the opposite since they use their creative skills to make new and unique beers. They can take the risk since they only make smaller product amounts. The best part is that some breweries can collaborate with each other, making even better, more innovative beer flavors as a result.

4. Better Food Pairings

A lot of people pair industrial alcohol with cheese as the only viable option. Craft beers are different since the various flavors can pair up with a lot of different food choices. That will ensure that you have an exciting drinking and eating experience.

Always remember that craft breweries are passionate about their beer’s flavor and taste. When you try out the local craft brewery, you’ll always get recommendations on what to pair with their beer creations.

5. Meet the Brewers

Discovering your new favorite brew gets better when you meet the people who created it. A great feature of supporting craft beer is you have the means of meeting the brewers. You can even take a tour of their facilities to see their methods of making your favorite beer.

Get Craft-Brewed Beers Today!

The craft beer market grew steadily over the past years. It continues taking over the United States beer industry due to its impeccable taste and variety of flavors. It’s a testament that people are now becoming pickier of their beer.

Do you need craft-brewed beer for any occasion? If so, contact us today and we’ll help you pick out the best ones around. We’ll make sure that you get the beer that best suits your needs.

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